The Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire.  Go ahead, read that again.  Valley of Fire.  The very name evokes images of falling brimstone, erupting lava and devilish flames licking at the sky.  Years of role playing games have lead me to believe that locations named Valley of Fire should be avoided at all costs.  In this case, however, I made the drive from San Diego to just outside of Las Vegas to explore this ominous sounding locale. Read more “The Valley of Fire”

Abandoned LA Zoo

We made a quick visit to the abandoned LA Zoo recently.  It’s not nearly as remote or abandoned as most articles on the internet would lead you to believe.  Part of the present day Griffith Park, the abandoned zoo is now a picnic area and hiking trail.  Much of the area was decorated for Halloween while we were there with a haunted hayride and various carnival style events.  Many of the animal habitats had been incorporated into the hayride but we still had the opportunity to wander through a few.  If you’re in the area this area is well worth checking out.
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