Download Georgia Forest Service Roads

I find that Google Maps and Google Earth are great tools when planning a route, but they can be somewhat lacking when it comes to off road mapping.  Luckily for those of you looking to travel through Georgia there’s a great resource put out by the GDOT that David at Georgia Overland used to create .gpx and .kmz files of non-paved road ways in Georgia.

Drop the .kmz file into Google Earth or the .gpx file into your favorite planning software or GPS and you’ll have digital versions of all the non-paved roads from the GDOTs 2009 filing.  Keep in mind that like most maps all of this information may not be up to date and you may come across roads that are gated temporarily or even permanently.  This is a great resource to use as a guide however and kudos to David for making this available.  Be sure to check out his Georgia Traverse route as well!

You’ll find the download page here: Georgia Overland Downloads

More info on the Georgia Traverse Route can be found here: The Georgia Traverse

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